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Our School

A Typical School Day
Term Dates for the 2017 School Year
School Song


Established in 1961, Ross Park is the oldest operating government primary school in Alice Springs. Situated in the Old Eastside area of the town within large and well-established, shady grounds, the school's priority enrolment area encompasses the Old Eastside and Golf Course area. Due to the preschool and school being at capacity, new enrolments are limited to families living in the designated priority area, specifically the Old Eastside and the Golf Course area. Other interested families are able to place their names on a waiting list.

Ross Park School accommodates children from Transition to Year 6. Half the school buildings were completely rebuilt in 2009 and the remainder were renovated in 2010. Two new classrooms and a specialist Music Room were completed early in 2012. 

Rona Glynn Preschool in nearby McKay St forms part of the school complex, catering for children turning 4 by June 30th. Two groups attend preschool for 15 hours per week per group.

The enrolment in the primary school has grown significantly to around 440 students, with an additional 62 preschool students.

The school, through the Tribes process, fosters a friendly and caring atmosphere, collaboration among students, staff and parents, and a commitment to individual success. An emphasis on the Creative Arts is a key feature.

As in all NT Government schools, school uniform is compulsory. Our uniform consists of a red or navy blue shirt and navy blue shorts/skirt. There is also a blue checked dress. The NT Government  provides a Back to School voucher of $150 per child that can be used in Term 1 to purchase uniforms at the school or to contribute towards the cost of the swimming program, excursions and school camps.

Bullying and harassment of students is not tolerated. The school has a clear and fair Behaviour Support Policy that was developed in conjunction with staff, parents and students. The school implements the National Safe Schools Framework goals.

Initiatives include:

  • Visible Learning - using Professor John Hattie's research to make all students 'assessment capable learners'
  • Tribes  - implemented at the whole school level since 2005
  • Mathletics online maths programs
  • Artists in Schools program
  • Eisteddfod - the school received the trophy from the highest participation rate in past years.

The support that parents offer in the form of an $100 annual parent contribution enables us to enrich learning opportunities for our students.

Our preschoolhas a NUT FREE Policy due to a number of students who have severe allergies. Nut products ARE PERMITTED at school as of mid 2017.



A Typical School Day


8:00 - 8:20 Limited Supervision as students arrive, no playing on equipment
8:25 Music to signal the start of the school day
8:30 - 10:30 Morning Literacy or Numeracy Blocks
10:30 - 10:40 Supervised Eating Time
10:40-11:05 Recess Play Time
11:05 - 12:40 Mid Morning Literacy / Numeracy Blocks
12:40 - 12:50 Supervised eating time
12:50 - 1:20 Lunch
1:20 - 2.50 Afternoon Lessons


Term Dates: 2017 School Year

Term 1 Students start 30 January 8 April - 17 April
Term 2 Tue 18 April - 23 June 24 June - Mon 24 July
Term 3 Tue 25 July - 29 September 30 Sept - 8 Oct
Term 4 Mon 9 Oct - 14 December  


School Song 
Words: Ross Park School 2001/Bob Barford, Music: Bob Barford

The music plays and the school bell rings,
Another day at Ross Park begins.
In rows our bags are on the hooks,
The classroom's ready with chairs and books.
We meet our friends and play awhile
And greet our teachers with a smile.
The work is hard and tough and long,
But at Ross Park School we're mighty strong.

‘Welcome to our school',
Greets us in the morning light.
Open spaces, happy faces
Flame of knowledge burning bright.
Book of learning open wide,
Friends and family by our side.
The wheel of life that turns us all,
At Ross Park School we all stand tall.

John Ross came to The Alice
Exploring for the OT Line.
Into the desert and the ranges,
Home of Arrernte for all time.
The oldest school in Alice springs,
Wears his name with pride and sings.
And so across the world we speak,
For new ideas we strive and seek.

(And now it's) time for sport and time for craft,
Time for computers, technology and art.
Teachers, parents, kids and staff,
All one family, time for a laugh.
Burton, Standley, Taylor and Robb,
At Ross Park School we're all on the job.

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